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Early Learning and Child Care

This blog is aimed at any parent who is looking for advice about child care and early learning. I do not work in this industry. My name is Keira, and I am just another loving parent who wants the best for her child. When my child was 2 years old, I decided to return to work. This was the beginning of my search for child care. Over the next couple of months, I learnt lots of useful things from other mothers and those who work in the industry. I hope this blog helps you to make the right choice when it comes to child care.


Early Learning and Child Care

How to Overcome the Guilt of Putting Your Child in Childcare

Lesa Miller

Being a parent is a tough job, and being a working parent is even tougher. Not only do you have to juggle a million and one responsibilities throughout the day, but you also have to find a way to live through the guilt of leaving your child at a childcare centre. This guilt can plague parents of very young children who often feel like they need to be there for every moment of their child's day. Of course, it's very important to have a close relationship with your child and to teach them new things, but this doesn't mean that childcare can't be a positive part of their routine. Here's a few reasons why you shouldn't feel guilty about choosing childcare for your child:

A positive social experience 

When your child is at home with you all day, you have fantastic one-on-one bonding time, but this is not the only way that children learn. In fact, all humans are innately social beings, and ensuring that your child is interacting with other kids regularly will benefit them hugely. In a childcare centre, your child will get to spend lots of quality time with other children around their age, and all in a safe and controlled environment.

Shop around for a great childcare centre 

Most childcare centres out there do a really great job of not only looking after children but of encouraging their cognitive, physical and emotional development as well. With that said, some childcare centres have different philosophies to others, and it's a great idea to shop around before you commit to one. Take your time and observe sessions in a variety of centres to decide which centre and which carers will be best for your child. Taking your time with this will help to assuage the guilty feeling you have when you leave for work in the morning, as you know your child will be in safe hands.

Start your day the right way 

Your child is far more likely to have an enjoyable day at their daycare centre if you start the day in a positive way. This means doing everything you can to make sure that you aren't rushing out of the door and dropping your child off at the centre in a panic. Make sure you plan to have some quality time before the day starts, perhaps at the breakfast table, and then drop your child off with a big smile and hug to let them know that everything will be okay until you pick them up again.

Follow this advice, and not only will you assuage your guilt, but your child will also have a positive, enjoyable experience in childcare.